The Five T’s
When the ethical principles of honesty, respect and caring are in conflict, there is no single right answer. But when you're considering conveying hard truths, there are 5 critical factors you ought to consider …
i.    thinking/rationale ~ Be sure about your facts and pure about your motive. Your intentions must be honorable, your rationale sound and you must have the well-being of others at heart.
ii.    tact ~ consider the most effective manner in handling the matter
iii.    tone ~ If you decide to speak, choose your words very carefully, avoid self-righteousness or unnecessary accusations and get the truth across in the best possible manner
iv.    timing ~ pick a time and place that lends itself to honest, fruitful interchange.
v.    touching ~  And remember, if a word comes from the heart it will land in the heart... and if it merely comes from the tongue it may not even pass the ears!                [Sufi saying]

Truthfulness as Core of Character
It is said that honesty is the best policy and Shakespeare wrote, no legacy is so rich as honesty. A true believer has many characteristics by which he/she can be identified. The most outstanding one should be honesty of character and truthfulness of speech. The tongue translates man’s internal feelings to the outside world.
Honesty should thus be at the core of a Muslim's character and speaking the truth should not be seen as a separate component of a Muslim's character, but as the doorway to righteousness. Just as deliberate lying is among the ugliest traits; truthfulness is one of the most beautiful traits  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Being truthful is obligatory, for truly truthfulness lead to righteousness, and righteousness leads to paradise.”

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