It is important to celebrate or commemorate past events.

To remember, and be remembered, are natural human needs; but also fundamental for the preservation of history; and therefore memorialization has been a fundamental practice in nearly every society since the dawn of history.

We can not really get to where we want to be unless we know exactly where we are; and we can not truly appreciate where we are unless we know where we have come from. Commemmorative events whether religious or otherwise, focus our attention on significant personalities or events that serve as a motivational lesson for generations to come. Laylatul Qadr serves as a celebration of the reception of the initiation of the final divine revelation; Eid-ul-Adha serves as a commemoration of the commitment of Prophet Abraham … and so on.

A fixed memorial day or period serves as a tribute to a life lived or an event appreciated and also provides a focal point for loved ones to honor and remember important persons or events and to pass on a permanent record for future generations.

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