Blossoming in the Garden of Life (Part 1)

~ Know Thy Self ~


As people of Faith, we are aware of the fact that life is a continuous test of deeds [Qur'an 67:2] and every moment that passes by is an opportunity gone, used or abused, never to return. You've got to make the best of life, for you appear on the stage of life but once and you've got to offer the best performance you can, In order to do that you've got to flower your innate potential and bring forth the best in your self.

Get to Know your Self

To allow the self to produce its best, it is essential to know the self. A key element in knowing thyself is sorting out what's really important to you, for your vision will only become clear when you look into your heart. Without a clear sense of your personal principles and priorities, it is most difficult, if not improbable, for you to make your life count. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said, “Successful indeed is the person who is sincere in faith, whose heart is pure, whose speech is truthful and whose character is upright.” The beliefs, feelings and thoughts that you harbor in your heart and mind color your perceptions, influence your attitudes, mold your motives, dictate your actions and eventually dominate your life.
The internal dimension of the self is therefore the most essential element in one's life and vital in determining who you really are, what you would really like to do, what you are capable of doing and what you are actually prepared to do. When the best of your internal dimension finds practical expression outwardly, then, and only then, are you capable of reaching your full potential.

Connect with your Creative Spirit

Life provides opportunity and every opportunity invites creativity. When you do not make the best of every situation you have lost an opportunity. You are free to choose and the choice is yours. Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, and then, the opportunity to choose; and as a creature with intellect and a person of Faith, to choose what is best. The crucial thing is to make ‘the best of what you could be’ your everyday personality. What is the use of knowing what is best and not doing what is best; as the old Sufi saying goes; many may know the way, yet how few are prepared to tread the path.



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