Be Optimistic

Whether people see the glass half full or half empty, both are seeing the same thing, and both are correct; the difference is in their perspective and their attitude. The question is, what are they paying attention to or what are they focusing on and why? The one who sees the glass as half full is not denying the reality that the glass is half empty. However, by paying attention to the positive rather than the negative, the person accentuates and puts a mental emphasis on the encouraging dimension of the situation. This approach engenders hope rather than discouragement and hopelessness.

Expectation of Success
An optimistic attitude enables a person to approach situations with an expectation of success, because a hopeful person envisions possibilities. Wise ones have said that optimism means having a strong expectation that, in general, things will turn out all right in life, despite setbacks and frustrations…optimism is an attitude that buffers people against falling into apathy, hopelessness or depression in the face of tough going.
Optimism, in its simplest terms, is …
-    having the ability to focus on the positive, rather than the negative in any circumstance
-    the capacity to be hopeful and positive not only during good times, but during times of trials and tribulations as well.
-    the skill that allows you to take the lemons that life throws at you and make lemonade

Optimism is inspirational
At the Battle of the Trench, the Muslims of Madinah were surrounded by enemy forces who wanted to wipe out the Muslims. Many felt helpless, yet the Prophet motivated them and as he struck a rock with an axe while digging the trench, a spark went off and the Prophet said; “I see the treasures of Persia and Rome at your disposal.” He was saying this to a group of people who were not sure whether they would live to see the next day, yet he inspired them with hope. That is the power of optimism.
If we are cognizant of the fact that our attitudes indicate our approach to daily living, we will realize how damaging negative attitudes and pessimism are to our sense of well-being; they dictate our whole life. It has been said that optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.  The advice of the Prophet (pbuh) now acquires greater significance…pessimism is part of bad character.

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