The identity of the Islamic community centers upon the principles of:
•    faith
•    consistent balance
•    exemplary conduct
•    unity of purpose
•    reciprocity of feelings
•    solidarity
•    equity.

Individual and Community
The social life of the true Muslim is based upon supreme principles on designed to secure happiness with prosperity for the individual as well as for the society.
The individual is responsible for the common welfare and for the prosperity of his society. This responsibility is not only to the society but also to God. In this way the individual works with a sound social mindedness and a genuine feeling of inescapable responsibility. It is his rule to do the utmost for his society and to contribute to its common welfare. On the other hand, the society is also responsible to God for the welfare of the individual. So duties and rights correspond harmoniously. Responsibility and concern are mutual. There is a constructive interaction between the individual and the society.
For progress and development; the community requires focused devotion, fellowship, joint participation, mutual relationship- building, inclusiveness and altruism.

Shared Experience and Collective Memory
Community is manifested not just through actions or actions done together; but actions based on good values, common vision and shared expectations. How de we contribute to our shared experiences?  What collective memory we leave behind?

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