The Islamic Community is not founded nor defined in terms of race, nationality, locality, occupation, kinship or special interests. Islam based on a communal notion, hence the significance of concepts such as …
    jamaa’ah (congregation) “The Prayer in jamaa’ah is twenty seven times superior to the Prayer offered by a person alone.” [Prophet Muhammad]
    ummah (global community of Faith) , This ummah is one community. [Qur’an]
    mu’aamalah (societall interaction). There is an Islamic dictum stating that “Deen (Islamic way of life)  is Mu’aamalah”

Historic Mission of Islamic ‘Community’
The Ideal Islamic community should be a happy, untroubled by conflicts or doubts, strong, united and prosperous because Islamic community is the community that invites to all that is good, seeks what is right and forbids the wrong and evil:  “Let there be a community among you, advocating what is good, demanding what is right, and enjoining (forbidding) what is wrong.” [Al-Imran:104]

Historic Role of Islamic ‘Community’
The historic role of the Islamic community is to be a true embodiment and example of the virtuous, the wholesome, and the noble. A true Islamic community is the alert guardian of virtue and the bitter enemy of vice. It must set the highest standards of performance and be the reference point for others. Allah says…  “We have made you a middle nation, a well integrated community, a balanced Ummah, so that you be witness over other people and the prophet a witness over you.”  [Q 2:143]

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