Distinct acknowledgement of the individuality of women in the Qur’an


-        One: Women who were in homes of Prophets, yet deviated. "For the disbelievers, God gave the example of Noah's wife and Lot's wife. Both of them were under two of our righteous bondmen. Both acted disloyally towards them, but (their esteemed husbands) could in no way protect them from God. And both were commanded to enter the fire (of hell) along with all others following the same course. [Q 66:10].




-        Two: the case of a righteous woman ostracized by her judgemental society And Mary the daughter of Imran who guarded her chastity, wherein we breathed of our Spirit. And she attested to the commandments of her Lord as well as his scriptures, and was one of the truly devout. (Q 66:12)



-        Three: the case of courageous woman who brought up a Prophet in the house of the pharaoh. And for those who believed, God gave the example of Pharaoh's wife, when she prayed: O Lord, put up for me a home in heaven, and save me from the Pharaoh and his practices and save me from the transgressing people [Q 66: 11].

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