Good Relations

Healthy family relationships are therefore crucial for the development of any human being. The breaking of such relationship without justification is disapproved to the extent that the Prophet said that the one who breaks off close relationships will not enter Paradise. In fact, maintaining good relationship is an expression of faith,

The ultimate testing ground for developing relationships is found within the home. Usually, a family will mirror the same attitudes toward people outside the home as they do within.
“Certainly, the excellence of character and being gracious to one's household is part of the completion of faith.”  [Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)]

Good relationships are based on people ...
o    respecting each other (not insulting or humiliating each other)
o    being supportive and conciliatory (rather than confrontational)
o    communicating honestly and openly (not lying and deceiving)
o    willing to listen to more than their own side(not stubborn/close-minded)
o    working as a team (not as adversaries)
o    negotiating (rather than imposing)
o    sharing responsibilities (rather than burdening)
o    complementing (not opposing)
o    appreciating (not criticizing and blaming)

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