Living the Values

The Prophet was successful in his leadership because he suggested and lived the values important to leadership. His public communication was successful because he provided a living example of his suggestions within his own interactions with family, believers, and non-believers. His daily interactions as husband, father, friend, businessman, public figure, and messenger of God all reinforced his leadership ability and values orientation.

The importance of Prophet Muhammad’s public communication through history is unquestioned. Prophet Muhammad’s extraordinary leadership values, identified in this research, complement the transformational leadership values found and further researched by countless researchers. These additional values can inform current and future leaders who want to be truly inspiring and transformational in theory and practice, at home and in organizational settings.

Open Book

The life of the Prophet Muhammad was like an open book, especially when he started to deliver the message of Islam. Prophet Muhammad practiced what he preached. The Prophet’s wife Aishah was asked about his moral character. She responded that his morals were based on the Qur’an. It is clear that his extraordinary values, which allowed him to accomplish so much, too were based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the words and will of God.

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