Universal Value of Peace

The Prophet taught exactly what the ancient Prophets had been teaching. The high and noble aim of preaching such a universal religion is to unite the nations of the world, establish peace, and eradicate all causes of conflict. Today the world is out of joint. People all over the world are searching for peace. The light of scientific knowledge is spreading. But it has signally failed to dispel clouds of hatred and hostility which spread darkness. Every now and then, plans for world peace are put forward. But they prove all to be superficial. The most effective panacea for world peace was proclaimed by the Prophet Muhammad. He forcefully exhorted the people that they should cherish reverence for the Prophets of all nations, and live up to their revealed teachings.

Style Conducive to Peace and Mercy

This style of speech communication was tried with unparalleled success in Arabia, where the warring tribes were cemented into brotherhood. It can even be tried today. It will surely lay the foundations of real and enduring union and peace. Belief in the unity of God alone can bring about unity among nations. As this teaching is universal in character, the Prophet who gave it to the world was rightly entitled "mercy for all people(Bukhari). Just as one universal religion is an effective means of uniting the nations, it is also a guarantee for establishing international peace and justice. The Prophet laid the foundation and the guidelines for establishing peace and justice among the nations. If any teachings can put an end to conflicts and strengthen the bonds of human brotherhood in these times of crisis, it is the Prophet's teachings.

Values and Character

The Prophet Muhammad’s life and teaching center on the values he espoused in his public communication. Muhammad did inspire, and continues today to inspire followers to follow his teachings and public communication and his directives. Muhammad demonstrated character values of gentleness, good character, humility, kindness, modesty, moderation, politeness, and truthfulness. He suggested community values of charity, forgiveness, hospitality, and mercy. The values he suggested are an excellent complement to the transformational leadership values of liberty, justice, equality, and collective well-being.

Prophet Muhammad’s interactions with all people, both in spiritual and secular dealings, impressed upon them the importance of his character and values. Because of his strong values, he was believable and trustworthy, encouraging all to follow the will of Allah.

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