Prophet Muhammad’s unique communication and leadership style led to the spread of Islam, not only within Arabia but also outside to the north, south, east, west and southwest of Arabia. As a leader during wartime or as a leader during peacetime, Prophet Muhammad proved to master skillful techniques with which he accomplished his goals in delivering the message of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad communicative values of liberty, justice, modesty, and politeness were matched with practical deeds. The people saw this action of his and identified with. Prophet Muhammad' skills as manifested in his speeches demonstrated to the eyes of all humankind that he was indeed a great leader worthy of note.

The messages of the Prophet’s skillful use of rhetoric demonstrated his commitment for meaningful competent communication for humankind in general. His speeches demonstrated that he sought to see all humankind from the lens of kindness, modesty, moderation, justice, liberty, gentility, generosity and love.

Using Islam as a Channel for Kindness

Regardless of religion and political affiliation, Prophet Muhammad use Islam as a channel to preach kindness. This study has shown through his manifold communicative talents that he tried to influence thoughts by advocating kindness in our dealings with one another. By indicating to his wife Aishah that she should love the poor, it was an indirect way to teach all humankind to share love and kindness regardless of a person’s economic background. This same implication in the speeches of the Prophet can be discerned in his notion of modesty.


The world today is far from modest. Political factions and all sorts of social and economic discrimination have segmented the human race. People now think more in terms of class. Modesty is exclusive to ‘members of the club’. If you do not belong you can neither be heard nor seen. Prophet Muhammad speeches on the need for modest behavior and his exemplary behavior seen throughout this study have a significant meaning to our lives. When he said that every religion must have some kind of meaningful character, he laid emphasis on the fact that Islam was a modest religion.

On the other hand, he was calling on all Islamic believers to question their conscience whether by following the belief system of Islam, they were practicing its basic tenets of modesty. He who is not has to examine his conscience and choose the rightful path and not be a hypocrite. This is how significant Mohammad’s message is to the world of today. This is what he intended to achieve in his message. Since modesty is akin to moderation, the Prophet’s communication themes also laid emphasis on it.

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