Extremism undermines the very essence of Islam

The very spirit of Islam is underpinned by the Qur'anic conditioning of the Muslim as a social being who needs to be fully cognizant of the fact that …

•         Life is sacred (5:32)(6:158)(17:33)

•         Overcome evil with good (13:22)

•         Neither be destructive nor malicious (4:29)

•         No animosity to those who are not hostile to you (60:8)

•         Do not be aggressive ( 5:87)(2:190-193)

•         Pardoning is better than revenge (7:199)

•         No compulsion in Religion (2:156) referred to as the “Freedom Verse”. The reason for the enshrinement of the values of the “freedom verse” is that: the two largest tribes of Madinah, ‘Aws and Khazraj, before Islam made a pledge if their wives give birth to baby boys they will Judaize them. This is how some of the members of those two Arab tribes became Jews. However, when many among those two tribes entered Islam, members of these families wanted to forcefully return their children to Islam. This verse was then revealed to protect the rights of those offspring to choose their religion.

Extremism is condemned in Islam as the Prophet (pbuh) said; I warn you regarding extremism, because communities before you were destroyed due to extremism [Nisā’i] Greater still is the warning against extremism in religion. Allah warns do not be extreme in your religion [Q 4:17 1]. The Prophet thus warned …My intercession will not be availed to two categories of my community; an oppressive/unjust ruler and a rebellious extremist [Tibrāni].

Let us align ourselves with the guideline of the Prophet. According to Sahih of Imam Muslim, the Prophet (pbuh) advised … Allah is kind and loves kindness in every matter. Kindness has been granted capacity which violence could never attain.

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