1. Muslim Terrorist is an Oxymoron

    There is no command or teaching in Islam can be referenced as the direct reason behind an extreme act, and killing on the innocents is unforgivable. Those who are planning and orchestrating any senseless killings are the worst enemies of their religions and communities. Those who are perpetrators acts of wanton violence in the name of Islam are doing a most grievous disservice to Islam. Others take pride in being Muslims however anti-Muslim their stance may be. Then there are those who cheer up acts of violence because they too have degenerated into a hateful people.

    Zealots are a scourge

    Zealots are a plague upon religion. These “religious” extremists come basically in two types …

    -        The reactionary extremists do not want any pluralism; they view the world in black and white, good and evil, in terms of their understanding. They are good and anyone who opposes them is evil. From among the Muslims these are people who ‘excommunicate’ any Muslim who fails to share their interpretations of the Quran and their understanding of Faith. They use takfir (denouncing a Muslim as an unbeliever) and character assassination as a tool for marginalizing any criticism directed at them. They consider those not of their school of thought as those who are not of truly their faith; and they consider those not of their faith as worthless. The notion of the honorability of all humanbeings [Q 17:70] is alien to them

    -        The radical extremists differ only in that they will use violence to further their cause and that the end justifies the means. They see any act as acceptable if it will further their ‘cause.’ This is blatantly anti-Islamic. In Islam the means must reflect its noble ends. Any means that does not embody the core truths and ethics of Islam is not from Islam and thus denounced as aberration. Islam is not a secret society of conspirators where no one knows what they are planning. Islam declares openly its aims and objectives and these are recognized by good people everywhere as pure and congruent with        higher wisdom and accepted traditions. Islam never allows a Muslim to kill the innocent and the helpless, nor does it allow anyone to entertain the intention of harming them. May Allah protect the innocent from the injustices of the self-righteous.



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